Old School Screen Printing Brings Art Back In Style

In today’s market, relying on handmade silk screened t-shirts for bulk orders is a huge risk; this is where custom t-shirt specialists that handle large orders become valuable, but each provider has it’s own place. There are three schools for silk screen printing and the gaps have been filled; bulk custom t-shirts printing, handmade t-shirt printing and crowdfunding t-shirts.


The popularity of t-shirts themselves combined with their easy use as items to advertise sports teams, events or pop culture make them an enduring part of the modern fashion scene. That popularity has also created an artsy niche market that is offering a new take on the technique of old school screen printing.

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Reasons Why People Are So Enamored Of This New Trend

new era custom caps

Clothes, shoes, bags, and even accessories such as customised caps have been a central point for any avid shopper. Ask anyone who loves to splurge the things they buy and they will probably run along these lines. Of course, it seems to be an innate want for some people to want to own such things. Perhaps, it’s their way of investing on themselves. Then again, there’s always the satisfaction of knowing that you own brand new items.

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How to Become a Fashion Photographer

As a Sydney fashion photographer, I can tell you that this job is incredibly rewarding but you will have to put in countless hours of work to perfect your craft, just as you would with any career.

picture of a fashion photographer

If you are willing to put in the effort, there is no reason why you could not become next best fashion photographer in Sydney, Australia!

Here are a few tips to help you learn the ins and outs of the fashion industry.

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Where to get mens fashion shoes in Australia

Bringing you a fantastic selection of Mens dress shoes and mens business shoes is Matador Shoes, the finest online stockist of Spanish and Italian leather shoes in Australia.

mens fashion shoes

After a tough budget, and with austerity on everyone’s minds, it’s important to look good, but do so in an affordable way. While there are plenty of places to buy mens shoes online often you’re buying cheaply made footwear from factories in India and China. Well, here at Matador shoes, we have all your mens designers shoes needs covered and at a reasonable price to.

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